WAY has 2 meanings
1. What does WAY stand for?

What about you?

WAY stands for "what about you," which is asked in expectation of a response from one or more people. It is most often seen online or in text messages.

When you use WAY, you usually precede it with a statement that communicates your feelings, plans, etc. For example, you are sharing your plans for this Friday and want to know what other people in the conversation are planning. Or you may share your opinion on whether time travel is possible and want to know if anyone else has a differing theory.

WAY is pretty obscure since most people just type it out. However, slang-savvy adults and teenagers may use it to elicit opinions from others.


I'm excited for the dance tonight, WAY?

Good question, WAY?

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Updated October 2, 2020
2. What does WAY stand for?

Who are you?

When you want to know someone's identity, you might message them "WAY?" The acronym is especially helpful when you receive a text from an unknown number or someone you don't know messages you online.

Most people use WAY in texts and online when messaging or posting in a forum. For example, you might get a text from an unknown number asking, "Are you here yet?" and then reply with, "WAY?" Or, a rando may comment on your forum post, and you might respond with, "WAY? Pls don't comment on my posts."


Hey, what's up man?

Cue the dramatic WAY

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Updated November 21, 2022

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