What does waymint mean?

Wait a minute

When you want people to stop what they are doing, say "waymint," which means "wait a minute." It is especially useful when you discover something and want to share your newfound knowledge or when someone says something puzzling and you need clarification.

Waymint is a spelling variation of the more common "wayment" term. It didn't gain popularity until the mid-2010s when people began using it on social media. It was previously primarily used in the Black community and is considered AAVE).

While most people use it on social media, you may also hear it spoken in person and see it in text and online messages. However, it's not widely used so be ready to explain its meaning to non-slang-savvy individuals.


I got an A on my last test so-
-Waymint, you got an A?!?! That's great!

That waymint reaction

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Updated September 14, 2021

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