What does WDYC stand for?

Why do you care

If you are curious why a person is disproportionately interested in something, you might message them "WDYC," which stands for "why do you care." It is typically used online in messages and social media or in texts.

People may use WDYC sincerely or in a snarky manner. Often, you can tell how it's being used by the context of the conversation.

For example, if you are messaging with your a friend who is asking detailed questions about your job, you are probably curious about their curiosity and may ask them, "WDYC?" Or, if you are mad at your mom and she texts you asking how your day went, you might send her "WDYC?"


Are you going to ask Jenny to the dance or not?
It's his opinion, WDYC, yo?
It's his opinion, WDYC, yo?

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Updated November 24, 2021

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