What does WDW stand for?

Walt Disney World

Disney fans use WDW as shorthand for the Walt Disney World Resort. You might encounter this acronym in Disney-related forums, on DisTwitter, or while talking with someone who is Disney bound (not to be confused with Disneybounding).

WDW is the Florida-based Disney theme park, located just outside Orlando. It consists of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, as well as other attractions and on-site hotels. While WDW actually opened after California's Disneyland (WDW opened in 1970; Disneyland opened in 1955), it is now Disney's most popular and flagship theme park.


My wife and I try to go to WDW every two years, if we can afford it. It really is the most magical place
Disney superfans really, really love WDW
Disney superfans really, really love WDW

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Updated November 2, 2022

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