What does it mean to WFP?

Work from pub

WFP is a variation of WFH and WFA which means "work from pub." People may use it as a status to send for others to know what they are currently doing, while some pubs use it to encourage remote workers to work at their establishment.

The WFP acronym gained popularity in London during the covid pandemic to entice people working from home to spend time and money in their spaces. Some pubs even offered packages for remote workers to rent space and receive food and drinks.

You will likely see WFP online, especially on social media, when people post where they are working for the day. But you may also receive "WFP" texts from co-workers letting you know where they are currently working.


Loving WFP. Trying to stay away from alcohol until the EOD, tho
Tru dat!
WFP tweet
WFP tweet

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Updated February 17, 2023

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