What does whatcha mean?

What are you

Whatcha is a commonly spoken and written abbreviation that combines "what are you" (or "what do you") into a single word. For example, you may ask your friend, "whatcha doin'?" or "whatcha thinkin'?"

You will likely hear or see whatcha in casual contexts, like gotcha, but it is so common that you may also hear or see it in more professional environments. Some instances include a conversation with a neighbor, a DM, or a text message.

Origin of whatcha

The specific origin of watcha is unclear. Some linguists point to various Southern or Eastern American English dialects. Several sources also trace the first published instance to novelist J.T. Farrell in the early 1930s.


whatcha doin tonite?
n2m. u?
nuthin. u wanna get some food?

Spongebob wants to know whatcha doing

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Updated April 18, 2024

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