Who Dey Breet

What does who dey breet mean?

Who is breathing?

Who dey breet is another slang phrase coined by Nigerian-American music artist Davido, of e choke fame. Translated literally, "who dey breet" means "Who is breathing?" It is used to call attention to a breathtaking moment, by suggesting that everyone should be so awestruck that they are unable to breathe.

Where did who dey breet originate?

Davido first used who dey breet in response to seeing fellow Nigerian artists Wizkid and Burnay Boy win awards at the 2021 Grammys. Overcome by emotion, Davido tweeted "Who Dey breeeeeeeeeeeet." The artist's fans then began using variations of who dey breet.

How is who dey breet used?

Anytime you encounter a moment, picture, or statement that is so powerful it takes your breath away, you can respond with who dey breet. You can also use who dey breet in your own social media posts, when you think a post is stunning enough to leave people breathless.


Omo e dey dem sure, e hit jackpo, who dey breet
Davido's original "who dey breet" tweet
Davido's original "who dey breet" tweet

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Updated June 3, 2021

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