1. What does WITWW stand for?

What in the wide world

People use WITWW (what in the wide world) to express surprise, frustration, or disbelief. It's another way of saying "what the heck?" (So whatever you sent in your previous message, it must have been disconcerting.)

When you receive WITWW, the implication is that the person you're talking to has never encountered something as strange and/or stupid as whatever you just sent them. Hopefully, the message you sent contained something awesome, and not something that's facepalm-worthy.


WITWW were you doing?

WITWW means "what in the wide world"

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Updated August 30, 2022
2. What does WITWW stand for?

Where in the wide world

WITWW stands for "where in the wide world." People use this acronym to ask where something surprising or peculiar was found.

For example, if you happen upon the world's largest garden gnome and send a picture of it to your best friend, your friend may respond with "WITWW did you find that?" (If this scenario happened, BTW, you'd be standing outside a farm in Kerhonkson, New York.)


WITWW did you get those leather pants?
Down at the thrift store. They have loads of 'em!

Some have asked, "WITWW is Carmen Sandiego?"

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Updated November 17, 2020

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