What does womxn mean?


Womxn is an alternate spelling of women. It is meant to be empowering because it does not include the word "men" in it and is inclusive of all types of women, including trans and intersex women.

While womxn has been around since the 1970s, it became used more widely in the 2010s as discussions of gender identity grew more prevalent. Now, you may see womxn used on social media, in forums, and in the news to describe groups of women (e.g., Womxn in Tech or Womxn's Leadership Group).

However, those who do not believe trans or intersex women are "real" women sometimes use womxn to mock and alienate those women. For this reason, even some who agree with the sentiment behind womxn prefer using women instead, as womxn can be used to demonize the very people it is supposed to support.


Are you going to the Indigenous Womxn Art event?
A use of womxn on Twitter
A use of womxn on Twitter

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Updated December 15, 2022

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