What does WTFNF stand for?

What the f****ing f***


When WTF doesn't fully convey your sense of frustration, you can expand the expletive-focused acronym to WTFNF (what the f***ing f***). This acronym includes twice the swears, so expresses twice the sense of "OMG, WTH is going on arrrghhh?!"

Typically, WTFNF is used by those who either a) are too angry to write out a full phrase or b) don't want to swear in text. If someone texts you WTFNF, you can tell them to be easy, BC, or in extreme cases, CTFD.


WTFNF ... I just had my car repaired and it's already having problems again

A man who is having a WTFNF moment

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Updated June 22, 2021

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