X has 2 meanings
1. What does x mean?


Often used with hugs, i.e. "XOXO;" can also be a series of kisses, e.g., "XXXXX."


Goodnight, sleep tight! XX

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Updated February 8, 2013
2. What drug does X stand for?


X is short for ecstasy, an illegal drug that people may consume in pill or powder form. The one-letter name comes from the "x" sound the first three letters ("ecs") of the drug sounds.

What does X do to you?

The drug produces several effects in the user's body, including an energized, anxious, tingling, and/or paranoid/confused feeling. It also causes a higher body temperature and faster heart rate and may produce long-term memory issues.

Who uses X?

Mostly teenagers and young adults refer to ecstasy as X. They may deal X or take it as pills recreationally or in club settings.


You have any more X?
I have several interested parties.

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Updated April 12, 2022

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