What does yassify mean?

To give a glamorous makeover

Yassify is slang for a glamorous makeover (aka glow up), often applied to a famous person. The yassification typically takes the form of a meme on social media that depicts a famous person made up to look glamorous (like a drag queen), often with a fabulous hairstyle, plumper lips, prominent cheekbones, and smoky eyes.

Origin of Yassify

Yassify gained popularity in November 2021 as the Twitter account @YassifyBot began churning out images of famous people, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Anthony Hopkins, and Willem Dafoe, who had been yassified. The account is run by an art student named Denver Adams.

The term comes from yasss, which has roots that date back to queer drag culture. Yassifying someone comes from glowing up a person to the point where you remark, "Yasss!" in approval.

Evolved use of Yassify

While most people use yassify regarding a person's appearance, some may also use yassify as another way to say "enhance" or "improve." For example, "He yassified the house to the point where he could sell it for a profit."


OMG, can you yassify me for prom?
Yasss, gurl!
First tweet from the Yassify Bot
First tweet from the Yassify Bot

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Updated December 7, 2022

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