What is yeen short for?

You ain't even

Yeen is short for "you ain't even." You might encounter yeen on social media or in chat messages, replacing the phrases "you aren't," "you don't," or "you haven't." (e.g. "Yeen been to NYC? You gotta go!")

Like many other slang terms, yeen originated as part of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). Specifically, yeen is a Southern AAVE term. However, many people now use yeen, since the term has spread via social media and IRL.

Other meanings of yeen

Additionally, people who think hyenas are cute may refer to them as "yeens." If you see yeen used alongside a picture of a hyena, or within a post discussing why hyenas are just the best, it probably means "hyena."


Yeen gotta tell me, I already know
A use of yeen on Twitter
A use of yeen on Twitter

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Updated January 27, 2023

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