What does yesh mean?


Yesh is a different way to type (or say) "yes." People often use it casually when speaking in person, messaging, or online, typically to keep the mood light or silly.

For example, you may respond to a friend's message inviting you to a sleepover with "Yesh." Or, a friend may ask if you want to be the DM in the next DnD campaign, and you reply, "Yesh. Count me in!"

Origin of yesh

The origins of the slang term "yesh" are unclear. However, Michael Scott from The Office helped popularize it in the late 2000s. He often used it to keep the mood light among employees in the office.


I got Blizzcon tickets this year!
Yesh! Do u get one for me???

Michael Scott's yesh

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Updated June 5, 2023

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