What does it mean when a person is yoked?

Very muscular

In bodybuilding, "yoked" is when a person's physique is toned and muscular. It is similar to the swole, hench, ripped, and jacked slang for muscles.

Origin of yoked

There are several claims about where the slang term "yoked" came from to describe a muscular physique. One prominent belief is that it comes from the yoke device that joins two animals (typically oxen) together to pull heavy loads. So, when a person is yoked, they are strong like an ox, two oxen to be exact.

It is unclear who coined the term, but it became popular in bodybuilding in the 2010s. Even if you aren't into fitness, you may still hear it in person or see it online, especially on social media, when people share mirrored reflection photos of their yoked bodies.


Nathan really got yoked over the summer
Yeah, he started working at Lifetime and also spent his off-hours there
Yoked tweet
Yoked tweet

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Updated February 15, 2023

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