What is a zaddy?

A composed, fashionable, and attractive man

A zaddy is a stylish, charming, and confident man who others find attractive. Most men labeled as zaddies also tend to be older and financially well-off. In short, a zaddy is one part silver fox and one part sugar daddy.

What is the origin of zaddy?

Zaddy is a variant of daddy. As you might already know, some SOs refer to their romantic partner as daddy. Typically, those who call their partner daddy are either using the term as shorthand for sugar daddy, or they are describing their partner's dominant role in their relationship.

In August 2016, rapper Ty Dolla $ign released a single titled Zaddy, which describes a woman's ... let's say relationship with her zaddy. While this is one of the first popular uses of zaddy, the term likely originated earlier.

Who are some example zaddies?

Want a first-hand look at some zaddies? The actors Jon Hamm, Idris Elba, Joe Manganiello, Tom Hardy, and Christopher Meloni are often labeled as zaddies.


I'm gonna find me a zaddy who's got all that drip
A Twitter user who has found their zaddy
A Twitter user who has found their zaddy

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Updated July 20, 2021

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