The Top Ten Slang Terms from 2018

It's the end of 2018 and it was full of ridic slang. To help you stay current, we developed an intricate formula based on advanced metrics recorded from your phones, computers, Alexa-enabled devices, and your snail mail to rank the 10 most popular slang words and phrases from 2018. Here are the results:

10. Tn - Tonight

Tn means tonight

This abbreviation isn't as flashy as other terms on this list but it was definitely one of the most common. It was typically used in text messages and online when referring to some type of event happening that night.

9. Thicc - Curvacious figure

Thicc refers to a curvacious figure

We're always inventing new slang to refer to our body parts and body types. And in 2018, "thicc" was the most popular body-related slang term. It was used to describe thick-bodied women that weren't overweight but more muscular. And the term wasn't restricted to humans, even the Monterey Bay Aquarium used the term to describe one of its otters.

8. RN - Right now

Rn means right now

The "rn" term was often used on social media in posts about they were feeling or what they were thinking at that moment, especially in reaction to some type of news. It was also used by people to emphasize that they wanted something at that exact moment and had no time for typing out 6 extra characters.

7. Ship - Relationship

Ship is short for relationship

We're always looking for a good love story, which is why "ship" was so popular in 2018 (see OTP also). This term may simply be an abbreviated version of "relationship" or may be used as a verb (shipping) when a person hopes two people start a relationship. The targets of our affection may be characters on a show, celebrities, your friends, or your niece and Steve, your office cubemate who is single and so thoughtful. We love to play Cupid.

6. Extra - Over the top

Extra means over the top

There were a lot of people that annoyed us in 2018 so we created another slang term for them. "Extra" was a popular choice for referring to people who were too over the top. These people may have been acting overly dramatic or were being fake and trying too hard to impress.

5. Dead - Hilarious

Dead is another way of saying hilarious

Feeling like you're going to die from laughing so hard is a wonderful, yet horrifying feeling. This conundrum is where the "Dead" slang term came from, but instead of feeling like you're going to die, you are actually dead. It is often used online or in text messages as a one-word response to a hilarious post, picture, video, etc.

4. DM - Direct message

A DM is a direct message

This term has been around for a while (you may also know it as PM) as slang for a private conversation. It is commonly used on Twitter since direct messaging is the only way to have a one-to-one conversation with someone. It is also often used by sketchy dudes to hook up with girls ("Slide into your DMs").

3. GOAT - Greatest of all time

The GOAT is the greatest of all time

As long as we have opinions on things, this term will always be on the list, especially in relation to sports. See LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan or Tom Brady vs. any other NFL QB. But the term isn't limited to athletes, it may be seen in debates about movies, TV shows, songs, pizza places, nail salons, etc.

2. Fire - Awesome

Fire is the new way to say awesome

If you wanted to describe something as awesome, cool, great, etc. in 2018, "fire," or "straight fire," was the slang term to do it. It was commonly used with the fire emoji on social media, especially Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. It was also popular for giving props to your gurl when she is rocking an outfit.

1. SMH - Shaking my head

This past year we loved showing our disappointment in other people, which is why SMH edged out "fire" as the most popular slang term in 2018. And it has officially replaced facepalm as the go-to nonverbal gesture to express our disgust. Whether it be your political opinions, fashion choices, social behavior, or simply your personality, we disapproved. So here's to 2019 where we'll hopefully be shaking our heads less.