What does 2TG stand for in bingo?

Two to go

When online bingo users need two more matching numbers on their card to win, they may send 2TG to share their status with other players. It is similar to 1TG and one of several acronyms and abbreviations that make up online "bingo lingo."

Where did 2TG come from?

Bingo is a game that became popular in the mid-20th century. The game consists of players with cards that have numbers printed on them in different arrangements. A person or computer then communicates one random number at a time, and if the numbers on the player's card are called in a row, the player calls out "Bingo!"

The game is typically played in person, partially because of its opportunity to socialize with others. But when it moved online in the 2000s, players still wanted to socialize when playing, which is why online bingo games typically have messaging options. Players that play on a mobile device or computer then created acronyms and abbreviations for common phrases uttered throughout the game, like 2TG for "two to go."

Who uses 2TG?

While bingo players are typically older, online bingo opened up the game to younger players, especially those who gamble and play on social sites. The players use 2TG when they have two more spots to fill on their card before they win.


Still got 2TG, u?

2TG for Bingo

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Updated April 28, 2021

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