What does AFAIAC stand for?

As far as I am concerned

AFAIAC is often used before stating an opinion in an online or text message, email, or forum. The acronym stands for "As far as I am concerned," and may also be written, "AFAIC."

People commonly use it online, where everyone has an opinion, to save space and time when messaging. In addition, most people utilize it before sharing a hot take to diffuse possible outrage politely.

You might use it to preface a statement about Die Hard being a Christmas movie or about how you feel about your overbearing parents attending your kid's birthday party. And of course, it's good netiquette to use it when discussing politics, religion, and covid.


AFAIAC, it will be a good season if our team can break .500
AFAIAC stands for As far as I am concerned
AFAIAC stands for As far as I am concerned

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Updated November 1, 2021

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