What type of hairstyle is cornrows?

Hairstyle featuring braided rows

Cornrows is a popular style of braiding where hair is braided into rows resembling a cornfield. The rows are often straight but may be part of an elaborate design.

The hairstyle has appeared in many cultures throughout history, including many in Africa. In Colonial America, some enslaved people wore the hairstyle while working crops, and in the Caribbean, some refer to cornrows as "canerows" due to sugar cane rows.

In more recent times, the hairstyle was popularized in the 1960s by Black women during the American Civil Rights Movement. It has since become a popular choice for both men and women.

Cornrows controversies

While people of different ethnicities may wear cornrows, some have accused white people of appropriating the hairstyle since it is so tied to African-American history. Also, the cornrows style has become controversial in workplaces since many do not allow it, prompting workplace discrimination lawsuits.


It took 4 hours to get my cornrows, but they were worth it
Agreed. They look awesome!
Cornrows tweet
Cornrows tweet

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Updated February 23, 2023

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