Alphabet Mafia

What does alphabet mafia mean?

LGBTQIA+ people

Alphabet mafia is a slightly controversial term used to refer to LGBTQIA people. Originally coined by intolerant people who intended to mock the ever-growing LGBTQIA (or LGBTTQQIAAP, if you really want to go for broke) acronym, alphabet mafia has since been reclaimed by LGBTQIA people who think the label sounds dope as heck.

The bigots who created the term alphabet mafia intended to demonize non-heteronormative people by implying they were members of a secret, unsavory cabal. In years past, similarly intolerant people attempted to label gay people as part of the gay or homosexual mafia.

However, the name alphabet mafia did not catch on among bigots - possibly because they realized how cool it sounded. Claiming the term as their own, LGBTQIA people have since begun referring to themselves as members of the alphabet mafia. There is now even an LGBTQ+ podcast and clothing brand that calls itself The Alphabet Mafia.

Even among LGBTQIA people, however, there are some who would prefer their community stop using the term alphabet mafia. For example, those who live in countries where the mafia is a real, threatening presence may be uncomfortable thinking of themselves as members of the alphabet mafia.


What rank are you in the alphabet mafia?
I'm a platoon leader
A proud member of the alphabet mafia
A proud member of the alphabet mafia

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Updated February 24, 2021

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