What is an AMOG when discussing men?

Alpha male of group

Among incels and pickup artists, AMOG stands for alpha male of group. You might encounter this acronym on forums and social media, used by men who are concerned with male social hierarchies (real or imagined).

In these men's minds, an AMOG is a stud, and the natural leader of the group of guys he hangs out with. As such, an AMOG has no problem getting his friends to do what he says, and he also has no problem picking up women.

Sometimes, men use AMOG as a verb, to describe the act of asserting "dominance" over another man. This version of AMOG is often shortened to mog.


Steve is clearly our AMOG
What?! I thought it was me!
You wish
A Redditor discussing their interaction with an AMOG
A Redditor discussing their interaction with an AMOG

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Updated December 7, 2023

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