What does Amogus mean?

Among Us

Amogus is a nonsense word derived from the name of the video game Among Us. While you're most likely to see Amogus used in Among Us-related memes, you may also see players refer to the game itself as Amogus.

Where did Amogus originate?

In January 2021, Redditor u/Lewdvik posted a meme that criticized webcomic artist StoneToss. This meme, which was an edit of one of StoneToss's own comics, included an Among Us Crewmate and the word Amogus.

U/Lewdvik's meme went viral, leading others to begin posting their own Amogus memes. Amogus memes have become especially popular within ironic humor-related subreddits, and they have spawned their own subreddit at r/amogus.


An edited version of the original Amogus meme
An edited version of the original Amogus meme

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Updated December 3, 2021

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