What is a VBO in fashion?

Visible belly outline

VBO is the "visible belly outline" that appears through a person's clothing. It is typically associated with women who have historically tried to hide or minimize it but have since become more open and proud of their VBO during the body-positive movement of the 2010s.

Women have historically resorted to various solutions for hiding or reducing their VBO in their clothing to appear "more attractive." They've worn constricting corsets, Spanx and other shapewear items, and loose-fitting clothes.

However, during the rise of social media and body-affirmation campaigns during the 2010s, many women have grown to become more confident and comfortable with their body shape. They are more comfortable with their body shape, whether it be due to pregnancy or their natural shape.

When do I use VBO?

In the past, women would use VBO to describe clothing that reduces or accentuates their VBO. However, since the rise of body-affirmation movements, women have begun using VBO, especially in fashion forums and on social media with a hashtag (#), to empower other women to be more confident in their skin and combat body shaming and other cyberbullying forces.


I used to hide my VBO for fear of being asked if I was pregnant but now I show it off
You go, girl!
VBO tweet
VBO tweet

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Updated May 20, 2021

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