What is a VPL in fashion?

Visible panty line

VPL is a person's "visible panty line," which is when the outline of their underwear is visible through the clothing on their lower half. It is typically utilized in fashion forums and blogs, and social media to critique women's fashion choices.

Most people use VPL to make fun of others who wear pants, skirts, and dresses that show the lines caused by their undergarments. Women are typically the targets of these attacks and have resorted to wearing less noticeable underwear. However, some men have become aware of their own VPLs and have resorted to changing their underwear or go without completely.

While many women consider VPLs as fashion faux pas, some women have stood up to VPL criticisms and labeled them as cyberbullying tactics. This change in perception is partly due to the rise of social media and body-affirmation campaigns during the 2010s. These "rebels" argue that women's bodies and fashion choices should be about comfort instead of fitting a certain aesthetic expectation of others.


Yikes, her VPL is out of control in that fit
VPL tweet
VPL tweet

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Updated May 20, 2021

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