What does AYPI stand for in texts and online?

And your point is?

AYPI is an argumentative acronym people use to question the intent of something another person said. People may use it seriously, as well as sarcastically, which can be difficult to detect through plain text (the /s helps).

For example, if you are in a heated argument with a sibling regarding your parenting approach and unsure about the intent of their comment, you might reply with, "AYPI? You aren't even a parent!" Or, your friend may list all the reasons that Disney has ruined the Star Wars franchise and you may message back "AYPI" jokingly.


I heard u the first time, AYPI?
That we should take time to process things before immediately deciding on something that could have long-term ramifications

The Mowry sisters probably use AYPI

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Updated September 19, 2023

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