What is a Becky?

A basic white girl

A Becky is a basic white girl who a) likes all the things a stereotypical white girl likes (think PSLs, Instagramming, and UGG Boots) and b) has a very narrow worldview. Social media and forum users use Becky as a derogatory label - applied to women who are acting privileged or unaware of basic social issues.

What is the origin of Becky?

Most likely, the Becky label is derived from the opening lines of Sir Mix-a-Lot's 1992 song "Baby Got Back." As the song begins, two white women are discussing (and astonished by) a Black woman's curvaceous posterior. One of those women's names is Becky. So, ever since "Baby Got Back" was released, the name Becky has been associated with women who cannot comprehend people, actions, and issues that exist outside their own experience. The Becky label has also been used in other songs, such as Beyoncé's 2016 song "Sorry."

Other slang names like Becky

Becky is just one of many name-based labels that social media users like to throw around. You may also see users referred to as Karens, Chads, Felicias, or Kyles. Each of these names is associated with its own set of traits and behaviors.


Stop being such a Becky and consider that other people might have a different opinion than you
Beckys and Kyles and Karens, oh my
Beckys and Kyles and Karens, oh my

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Updated December 17, 2021

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