What is tech short for?


Tech is a common abbreviation for "technology" people use online, in messages, and in real life (IRL). It ranges from the tangible, like a smartphone or a printer, to the intangible, like software or blockchain.

People of all ages are familiar with the tech abbreviation, especially since the turn of the century, as the Internet, smartphones, and social media have become integral to our everyday lives. However, depending on their ability to understand and utilize the tech, people may use it with contempt, wariness, or enjoyment.

For example, a Boomer who doesn't understand how to connect his phone wirelessly to a network of speakers may be frustrated with his tech for not playing his music. But, on the flip side, a savvy audiophile using the same tech can have a blast playing back music to speakers in each room of his house.

Use of high-tech

If the tech is advanced and complex, people may refer to tech as being "high-tech." For example, your mom may lament that her house's security system is too high-tech for her after she sets it off for the 8th time.


I just spent 3 hours showing my parents how to use Twitter
Yikes. At least they know how to use a mouse and keyboard. That's too much tech for my parents.
Always check with your partner before buying expensive tech
Always check with your partner before buying expensive tech

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Updated September 19, 2022

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