What are boards in basketball?


In basketball, "boards" are rebounds, which are when players gain possession of the ball after a missed shot. The term comes from the backboard of a hoop, which is the backside of the rim that missed shots often bounce off.

There are defensive boards, which are when players gain possession of an opponent's missed shot. There are also offensive boards, which are when players gain control of their teammate's missed shot.

You will often hear announcers, coaches, players, and fans call rebounds boards. For example, a coach may yell at his players to "crash the boards" when he wants them to pursue rebounds aggressively. Or, a fan may remark that the opposing team is "killing them on the boards" when they are greatly outrebounding them.


We got killed on the boards tonight
They outrebounded us 45 to 20

Crashing the boards often wins you games

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Updated October 26, 2022

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