What is a brick in basketball?

A shot that squarely clangs off the rim or backboard

In basketball, a "brick" is an ugly shot that clangs off the rim or backboard and has no chance of going in the basket. For example, a person shooting a free throw may shoot the ball on too flat of a line, and the ball bounces downwards off the front of the rim.

Despite its popularity in basketball, the origins of "brick" are unclear. Typically, shooters having an "off" game are shooting bricks. Their shot trajectory is wack, causing the ball to hit the rim or backboard more often with little chance of ending in the basket. When a player is shooting a lot of bricks, fans and announcers may call him a "bricklayer."


Morant with another brick from the baseline. He's having a rough night

Laying a brick

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Updated October 28, 2022

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