What does BOE stand for in online gaming?

Bind on equip

MMORPG players use BOE to stand for "bind on equip." BOE items bind to a player when equipped - meaning the player can no longer sell or trade the equipped item to other players.

Armor, weapons, and any other equipable items may be BOE. Typically, games warn you before you equip a BOE item, to make sure you want the item bound to you. After you equip the item, you'll no longer be able to sell or trade it to other players - even if you unequip the item later. (You can, however, still sell the item to NPC vendors.)

In World of Warcraft (WoW), BOE items are labeled Soulbound after you equip them, to denote that they are bound to your character. Other games use other labels to denote BOE items.


Don't equip that yet! It's BOE, and you might want to sell it in the AH
A WoW newb asking about BOE items
A WoW newb asking about BOE items

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Updated October 28, 2021

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