Bougie Broke

What is the bougie broke lifestyle?

Luxurious lifestyle on a budget

Bougie broke (pronounced "boo-zhee broke") is a financial lifestyle where a person attempts to save money while pursuing a luxurious life. It became a divisive trend on social sites like Twitter and TikTok in July 2023 as people shared the different ways (some real, some comical) they've cut corners (due to poor economic conditions) to afford the finer things in life.

For example, a Twitter user may share how they will happily wear the same five work outfits during the week as long as they can still go out to eat at expensive restaurants. Or, a TikToker may post bougie broke hacks that include skipping breakfast every day and eating ramen noodles for lunch. Another example is when a user brags about appearing bougie broke by buying knock-off clothing items that make him look expensive.

Origin of bougie broke

The "bougie broke" (may also appear as "boujee broke" or "boujie broke") slang term originates from TikToker Josh Jacobs (@josh.jacobs) when he posted a viral video in 2022 commenting, "Have you ever been broke, but no one believes you because you don't look like a broke person? The thing is, like you broke, but like a bougie broke, like you broké."


Dang, when did Rachel start making bank?
She hasn't She's bougie broke. She moved in with her mom and barely eats so she can spend all her money on clothes and vacays
A bougie broke TikToker
A bougie broke TikToker

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Updated July 26, 2023

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