Grind Culture

What is grind culture?

An environment that promotes incessant working

Grind culture is the belief that people must work hard and be productive to prove their worth. It is similar to hustle culture and comes from grinding, which refers to the long hours many workers devote their lives to make a living.

Like hustle culture, grind culture may describe a specific environment a company has created and employs, which is especially common in America (a country that emphasizes working hard to achieve your dreams). Grind culture may also be a person's state of mind where they base their life on how much they can accomplish or succeed through their job.

Grind culture may manifest itself in different ways depending on the job. Some examples include promotions based on how much time you spend in the office, your availability during off hours (evenings and weekends), and whether or not your co-workers or boss view you as a "team player" (taking less desirable assignments, doing the work other people take credit for, etc.).

Alternative to grind culture

For many workers, Covid-19 in 2020 changed their attitude to work as they re-evaluated their allegiance to grind culture. Some, particularly Gen Zers, embraced the soft life mantra as an alternative to grind culture. This way of life prioritizes mental health and working less over a workaholic lifestyle.


I think grind culture is wrong, but I think some people are kinda lazy
Agreed. I'm trying to find a good work/life balance that doesn't leave me empty but still allows me to make enough money to afford my lifestyle
Working long hours into the night is part of grind culture
Working long hours into the night is part of grind culture

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Updated May 3, 2023

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