What is a brony in regards to My Little Pony?

A male fan of My Little Pony

A brony is a guy who enjoys watching My Little Pony (MLP) shows and movies. In addition to watching the series, the brony may also own or play with My Little Pony toys.

There is no age limit to be a brony. Any guy who enjoys the series can identify as one, and they have created forums and social media groups where they can share their devotion through memes and stories.

Unfortunately, there is a negative connotation with brony. For example, people may characterize bronies as creepers or predators because they are fans of a "kid" show.

Origin of brony

Hasbro introduced My Little Pony toys in 1981 and enjoyed popularity throughout the decade. It decreased in popularity during the 1990s but experienced a resurgence in the 2000s. In 2010, Hasbro launched a new animated My Little Pony series, creating a new generation of bronies.

Multiple sources point to a 4chan thread as the first documented use of brony (a combination of "bro" and "pony"). The fandom grew from there (partially due to other users making fun of them for their passion).


Hey are you a brony?
Yes, why?
Then you have to go to BronyCon – it's an awesome convention for Bronies!
Tony Montana is a big brony
Tony Montana is a big brony

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Updated July 5, 2023

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