1. What does BTFD stand for?

Back to the Future day

An acronym for the day that Marty McFly travels to the future on October 21, 2015 at 4:30pm PT.

In the second installment of the "Back to the Future" trilogy, Marty travels with Doc Brown to the future to help his future children. The movie stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and was released in 1989. The Back to the Future fandom celebrated this day with countless meme tributes to the movie and its future predictions.


For BTFD, I got to try Nike's self-tying shoes.
That's cool, but I would rather have tried a hoverboard.

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Updated October 22, 2015
2. What does BTFD stand for in cryptocurrency?

Buy the freaking dip


Buy the freaking dip (BTFD) is a saying in cryptocurrency that means you should snatch up a digital currency that has dropped in value. This strategy is meant to reward the buyer when the currency rebounds and increases again.

Cryptocurrency traders commonly use BTFD online to urge others not to be afraid of a drop in value and instead see it as an opportunity. This is relevant not only for the traditional stock market but also for cryptocurrencies since they fluctuate greatly.

BTFD is just one of many cryptocurrency slang terms. Others include "HODL," "Dust," "ICO," and "Rug pull." People may also say "f***ing" instead of "freaking." So be careful who you use it with, in case they are offended.


Don't worry about the drop, BTFD!!
BTFD tweet

BTFD tweet

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Updated September 15, 2021

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