What does CGSO mean in baseball?

Complete game shutout

In baseball, CGSO refers to a complete game a pitcher pitches without giving up a run. For example, if Pablo Lopez pitches all nine innings of a game and doesn't allow the opposing team to score, he records a CGSO.

To pitch a complete game (CG) is impressive, especially in modern baseball, where pitchers seldom pitch the whole game due to their managers' restrictions on the number of pitches they are allowed to throw. And on top of that, not allowing a run during the CG makes the feat even more impressive.

Also, only one pitcher can pitch a CGSO. If two or more pitchers combine to throw a shutout, it does not qualify. For all the baseball geeks out there, Walter Johnson holds the record for CGSOs with 110.


Did you see that CGSO that Ryan threw last night?
Yeah, only 101 pitches, too. Super efficient
Post honoring the anniversary of Montgomery's CGSO
Post honoring the anniversary of Montgomery's CGSO

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Updated August 23, 2023

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