What hairstyle is a skullet?

Shaved head with long hair in the back

A skullet is a variation of a mullet that involves a shaved head and long hair in the back. The shaved head may result from thinning and receding hair or purposed shaving with a razor.

Origin of skullet

It is unclear who first coined "skullet," but the hairstyle has been around for centuries (see almost any Benjamin Franklin portrait). However, the term gained popularity in the 2010s as a variation of the mullet hairstyle, which gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s.

Skullet variations

There are many variations of the skullet, and they depend on the state of the hair on the person's head. For example, if you lose the hair on the top of your head but are committed to growing hair in the back, some may think you look unkempt and even creepy. However, if you have purposely shaved your head clean, shaved it to fade to a mullet, or have grown an afro-style mullet, people may think you look fashionable.


The dude with the skullet in the back is giving off sketchy vibes
Oh, that's just Larry. He's a super sweet guy
Infamous Benjamin Franklin skullet
Infamous Benjamin Franklin skullet

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Updated February 14, 2023

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