What does scamdemic mean?

Fake pandemic

Scamdemic means "Fake pandemic" or "Fake epidemic." It was coined in 2020 to describe the U.S. government leaders', mainly Democrats' response to COVID-19.

The term is primarily used by conspiracy theorists that believe COVID-19 is part of a grand, nefarious government plan. Many of these believers fall on the conservative side of the political spectrum.

In general, scamdemic believers think that COVID-19 is part of a plan to bring about the "One World Order," or "New World Order (NWO)," which is a global totalitarian government. They believe that U.S. Democrat leaders issued stay-at-home orders in order to destroy small businesses and suffocate the economy to make President Trump look bad in his re-election year.

Overall, these scamdemic believers dismiss the severity of COVID-19 as MSM propaganda, think that facts and health records are being manipulated, and claim that government leaders are abusing their power and overstepping the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. Health officials and liberals generally rebuke the idea of a scamdemic and may label these believers as "covidiots."

NOTE: Some people may use the "scamdemic" term to refer to scams that have risen due to COVID-19. Some examples of these scams include fake charities and phony distributors of PPE.


My uncle believes this whole thing is a scamdemic and won't go to Costco because he has to wear a mask
Scamdemic-related meme
Scamdemic-related meme

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Updated July 8, 2020

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