What does CTF stand for in gaming?

Capture the flag

Gamers use CTF as shorthand for "capture the flag." This acronym describes a game mode in which two teams attempt to capture each other's flag and return it to their home base to win. Often, CTF matches are timed, and the team that manages to retrieve the other team's flag the most number of times wins.

Primarily, CTF-style game modes appear in first-person shooter (FPS) games, such as Quake, Halo, and Call of Duty. There, CTF contrasts with other, killing-focused multiplayer game modes, such as deathmatches (DMs) and team deathmatches (TDMs). However, some other games also feature a CTF mode. For example, World of Warcraft includes CTF battlegrounds.


I like CTF better than DM because it's not all about killing. Sometimes, you just want something different out of your violent video games

How it feels to play CTF

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Updated May 16, 2023

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