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1. What is ltr short for?


Ltr is an abbreviation for "later" that is often used in text messages or online. It's typically used when referencing a later point in time or used as a way to part with someone until a later time.

Ltr is stereotypically seen as part of surfer and skater slang but is actually used by a wide range of people. The abbreviation is similar to the more popular L8R abbreviation.


K, thx. cu ltr!

See ya ltr

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Updated February 22, 2018
2. What does LTR stand for in dating apps and online?

Long-term relationship

On dating apps and in personals ads, LTR stands for "long-term relationship." For example, those who say they are "looking for an LTR" are hoping to find a committed SO rather than a short-term hook up.

People may also use LTR when discussing their past relationships or asking about yours. For example, a person you're messaging on a dating app may say they "just got out of an LTR" and want to take things slow. LTR is not to be confused with LDR, which means "long-distance relationship," though the two sometimes go hand in hand.


How many LTRs have you been in?
A Redditor hoping for stories of positive LTRs
A Redditor hoping for stories of positive LTRs

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Updated August 9, 2022
3. What is ltr short for in messages?


Ltr is an abbreviation for "letter" that removes several letters (ltrs). People typically use ltr in online messages or texts to refer to a written message or a letter of the alphabet.

For example, your mom may text you, "Did you c that ltr from gma on the counter?" Or, your friend may message you, "What's a 6 ltr word for friend?" when doing a crossword.

Ltr is similar to the char abbreviation for "character," which may refer to letters, numbers, and other special characters. Since char is much more versatile, people will likely use it more often for alphabet letters than the "ltr" abbreviation.


Thanks for sending me the invitation ltr!
Glad you got it and hope you can make it

Writing ltrs in a ltr

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Updated May 2, 2023

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