What does cx mean online and in messages?


Cx is an abbreviation people use online to denote a correction. For example, a person's tweet may include "cx" to indicate a correction of a previous tweet that may have had a typo or incorrect information.

The abbreviation comes from the first letter in the word ("c"), and the "x" sound comes from the "ctio" pronunciation in the word. Common places online in which you will see cx include social media and forums.

However, you may also see it in messages. For example, if your boss sends out an incorrect meeting time in a Slack message, he may follow it up with, "CX - The meeting is at 2, not 1."


CX: The score was actually 5-3, not 5-4
Gotcha, thanks for the correction

When you notice a typo that needs a cx

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Updated March 27, 2023

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