What does DMNDS mean?

Doesn't make no dang sense


DMNDS is the perfect acronym for describing things that are utter nonsense. People typically use it when frustrated in messages, but they may also use it online in forums, on social media, etc. Additionally, some people may read the second "D" in DMNDS as standing for "d***," which might offend some recipients.

For example, you may message your friend about why your parents won't let you sleep over at her house and she replies, "dmnds. i won't be able to hang until i get back from vacay. :(" Or, you might post in a technical forum online, "These instructions DMNDS. I'm following their steps perfectly, but I don't get the setup screen in step 9."


I read the installation instructions but they DMNDS
I followed them and it worked fine for me

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Updated December 5, 2023

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