What does fauci-ing mean?

Not dating a person because of covid

Fauci-ing is when a person rejects a romantic partner because they aren't being cautious about the covid pandemic. For example, the prospective partner may be an anti-vaxxer or an anti-masker, which doesn't sit well with the other person.

Dating in the covid pandemic is a wild ride. Not only are people looking for someone they find attractive physically and personality-wise, they are also looking for a person that is pandemic-like-minded.

For some, it is a dealbreaker if the prospective partner does not respect the guidelines outlined by Dr. Fauci and the CDC. The "Plenty of Fish" dating app coined "Fauci-ing" to label this trend of filtering romantic candidates in November 2020.


Sandi is now Fauci-ing possible dates because they don't respect her stance on covid
Tweet about the Fauci-ing trend
Tweet about the Fauci-ing trend

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Updated May 10, 2022

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