4q has 2 meanings
1. What does 4q mean?

F*** you


A quick way to type the vulgar insult without having to type the actual "F" word; commonly used to express frustration or anger towards someone.


I can't believe you let that happen!
4q, I can't control what he does

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Updated December 11, 2013
2. What does 4Q mean in sports?

Fourth quarter

In sports, fans online often refer to the fourth quarter of a game as "4Q." The fourth quarter is the final quarter of a game consisting of four quarters, typically football and basketball.

You will likely see 4Q on sports Twitter. The accounts that comprise sports Twitter are fans or sports content specialists (ESPN, Barstool, etc.), and they often use 4Q when tweeting about something remarkable or surprising. For example, a fan may tweet, "OMG, Mahomes owns the 4Q!"

You might also see 4Q on other social sites, in online messages and texts, and in sports blogs. Financial professionals may also use 4Q to refer to the fourth and final quarter of the fiscal year (although they usually use Q4).


The Vikings have somehow won 7 one-score games in a row
That's cause they've scored more points than any other team in the 4Q!
Kyrie Irving 4Q appreciation tweet
Kyrie Irving 4Q appreciation tweet

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Updated January 31, 2023

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