What is a flirtationship?

When two friends constantly flirt with each other

A flirtationship is a friendship characterized by excessive flirting. The people involved in the flirtationship may have an active interest in each other, or they may just both be big flirts. Either way, their constant flirting is likely annoying to everyone around them.

Sometimes, circumstances preclude those engaged in a flirtationship from becoming a real couple, even if they'd like to be. For example, one member of the flirtationship might already be in a relationship. Or, one member of the flirtationship may have just broken up with their previous SO, and not yet be ready for a new relationship.


Oh, yeah, Cal and Kesha have a strong flirtationship. But I don't think either of them will ever act on it
An alternate definition of flirtationship
An alternate definition of flirtationship

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Updated February 15, 2023

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