What is a flop in basketball?

An exaggerated fall

In basketball, a flop is when a player exaggerates the contact another player makes with them and fakes a fall. Flops are a way to get a foul call from the refs on another player, but they are also seen as cowardly moves.

Flop is a common term in basketball that announcers, fans, players, and refs use. You may see and hear it as a noun or a verb.

For example, a fan may proclaim that "LeBron James flops too much." Or, an NBA analyst may declare that "flops are ruining the game of basketball."

Is LeBroning flopping?

Lebroning is flopping. The term gained popularity and 2014 and spawned social media videos where people walked up to unsuspecting strangers and flopped down on the ground.

Flops in other sports

While flops or flopping is commonly associated with basketball, you might see it in other sports. The most prominent one is soccer when players fake injuries to get a call from the ref.


Robinson called for the offensive charge
I disagree with that call. It looked like a flop to me

LeBron flop

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Updated October 25, 2022

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