What does FTEL mean when gaming?

For the epic loss

FTEL is an acronym a person may send when they are about to lose an epic game online. It is an extension of FTL and the opposite of FTEW.

You will most likely see FTEL when gaming online. For example, if you are making a self-deprecating joke, you might use FTEL as you are about to lose horribly. Or, another gamer may taunt you by messaging you FTEL after you make a terrible decision.

Outside of gaming, people may also use FTEL instead of facepalm or SMH. For example, if someone texts you a story about an epic fail, you might respond with "FTEL."


I am sending in the last of my troops... FTEL!
Haha. You fought valiantly!

FTEL devastation

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Updated October 17, 2022

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