What does FTFY stand for?

Fixed that for you

Social media and forum posters use FTFY to mean "fixed that for you." You're most likely to see this acronym in "corrections" to other users' posts.

For example, if you were to post "Moonrise Kingdom is the best Wes Anderson movie" on Reddit, another poster might respond with "FTFY: The Grand Budapest Hotel is the best Wes Anderson movie." (You'll notice that nothing was actually fixed here; the other user just provided their own opinion.)

You might also see FTFY used when someone has literally fixed something for you. For example, if your office's IT person has performed a fix on your computer, they might send you a message that starts with FTFY.


Lemme FTFY: Isle of Dogs is the actual best Wes Anderson movie
A Reddit user who has "fixed" a Twitter user's post
A Reddit user who has "fixed" a Twitter user's post

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Updated November 4, 2021

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