What does GD&R stand for in messages and online?

Grinning, ducking, and running

People may use "GD&R" in messages and online after making a snide or sarcastic remark to communicate they are aware what they said will make the recipient angry. Thus, they are figuratively "grinning, ducking, and running" from an object the person might throw at them out of anger.

For example, if Joe just lost all his assets in a divorce, Antonio might message him, "At least you will pay lower taxes next year. GD&R." Another example is if you are texting with a friend who is sensitive about looking too muscular, you may send her, "That shirt makes you look like the Hulk. GD&R."

While most people type it as GD&R, they may also send it as <GD&R>. Some other variations of the acronym include "GR&D," "GDR," or "GD&RVF."


I think Brad has a crush on you. GD&R
Gross! He's def in the brotherzone

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Updated April 20, 2023

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