What does GD&H stand for in messages and online?

Grinning, ducking, and hiding

When sending a playful, sarcastic, or snide remark, people may end it with "GD&H" to communicate that they know it may upset you and are figuratively "grinning, ducking, and hiding" out of fear of retaliation. You will most likely see GD&H in messages and online (often on social media).

For example, if Juan moved back in with his parents after losing his job, Brian may message him in a friends group thread, "The movie time is kinda late, will you be able to make it back in time for curfew, Juan? GD&H." Another instance is when on Instagram and commenting on an influencer's post of their picturesque family, "How much did you bribe your kids for posing like this? GD&H."

Instead of typing GD&H, people may use the winking face (;-))emoticon or emoji. Or they may use other variations of the acronym, such as "GR&D," "GDR," or "GD&RVF."


Wow, you look gorgeous in this pic. How long did it take you to photoshop it? GD&H
Rude! I should block you for that

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Updated April 20, 2023

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